5 Blessings of Allah


Food cooks slowly in a clay pot. In contrast, food in silver, steel, and pressure cookers cooks quickly but this food does not cook but decomposes. So first change your vessels, those who changed vessels, their lives changed.


2- Cooking oil
Use cooking oil. which never freezes, The world’s best oil that does not freeze is olive oil. But it is expensive, it is mustard oil for poor people like us. Mustard oil does not coagulate. This is the only oil, which does not freeze throughout life, And if it freezes, there is no mustard. Something that sticks in the palm of your hand. It is also done for the same reason. Because it is not possible.





One of the advantages of mustard oil is that whatever you put in it, does not freeze it, A living example of this is pickles, which remain inside the pickled mustard oil. It doesn’t seem like a cobweb. And God willing, when this mustard oil goes inside your body, you will never have paralysis. No epilepsy or heart attack, Your kidneys will not fail. You will be protected from blood pressure for the rest of your life. hopefully, Because Mustard oil cleans the drains, When the ducts are cleared, the heart will not have to strain.

The benefits of mustard oil are only benefits. In our villages, when the animals are sick, the elders say to give them mustard oil. We all need mustard oil today.

3- Salt (Change Salt)
What is salt? Salt makes a person’s character, We say that salt is halal. Either or Big salt is forbidden Salt builds a man’s character. We should take the salt that comes from the soil. And that salt is still the best Pakistani horse pink salt in the whole world.

Pink Himalayan salt sells for 25 dollars for 90 grams, which means ninety grams for 4000 rupees and 900 grams for forty thousand rupees. And here we have ten to twenty rupees per kilo. See misfortune We bring home iodized salt, The salt that made our character, We stopped eating. So I request you to always use rock salt.

4- Sweet
We all need something sweet to get our minds going. And sweet #Allah # has placed in the soil,
That is sugarcane and molasses, And we have started eating sugar instead of jaggery.

5- Water
Water is the most essential thing for humans. without which it is not possible for a human being to survive,
We should also drink water from the soil. Zamzam water is the best water in the whole world . Then there is the water of Panchab and Wadi Hazara. Important thing Never use sifted wheat. The state in which wheat comes in,
Use it as it is. That is, without removing the semolina, flour,  etc. Because Our master Hazrat Muhammad used to eat flour without sifting. So it was decided that we should do these five things,
1- Pottery,
2- Mustard oil,
3- Jaggery,
4- Rock salt,
5- Underground water

Remember to keep this water in an earthen pot and drink it in an earthen glass or bowl. Apart from this, unsifted wheat flour, Now the question is, why should we take all these things? All these things we have to take because in them we have health. We are born from the soil and we have to be buried back in the same soil.