Appreciate your Parents


He was sitting in the car to go home when he saw an old man who was asking Ali Hasnain’s address with a paper in his hand. As soon as he saw me, he signaled to stop with his hand and came near. The shabby condition of the clothes and the wrinkles on the face were telling a lot.


He said, son, this is the name of my son. I have heard that he came to the same Islamabad city with his children a few years ago. Then he took out something wrapped in paper, it was someone’s picture. But the person in the picture looked very young.

I asked Babaji, are these your sons?





But they look very young. He said that he had made a picture to give a test in the police. Now I heard that he has become an officer. So Baba ji has no contact with you and since when?

The son said with trembling lips, he doesn’t remember the date, but many years ago he got married of his own free will, then he didn’t have a job. He took the test in the police and then came to the city with his wife.

At first the mother was alive, now she is no longer. I also can’t do any work. With great difficulty I found out that he lives in this city. I came here with great difficulty. What is the trust of life, just want to meet him once.

But since when have you been looking for your son?


He said, “It’s been many days.”

Meanwhile, a cold breeze hit my body. Babaji, you don’t have any address, how can you be like this? When the words were still in my mouth, I said, “It’s fine. If my son died in the city, what’s next?”


I want to see whether I am a father or not. In Hashar, I have heard the letter must have fallen on its own.

I have not seen Hashar, Babaji, but I am seeing Hashar. Tears were streaming down my face. Somewhere the price of this father’s love should not be given to the sons of this city.

A couple of phone calls were made and Officer Ali Hasnain was identified. He took Babaji to the house of this unfortunate son, rang the bell and the servant came out, Babaji told that he is the father of Sahib and wants to come in. ,

On this I insisted that you go inside and tell who has come out. When the argument with the employee started to get intense, Babaji intervened and spoke in a very soft tone

“Swere kim te jan lai te aethon e lange ga na?”

I said to Babaji, what happened, take it if you find it. Baba ji turned, walked across the road and sat under a tree in front of the gate and said, I will see it from here.


Even while writing this post, my eyes moistened many times. Only one phrase is echoing in my mind. I don’t want to meet him in this world, I am not a father.

Appreciate your parents