I Become Ghost to Fulfil my Wishes



A boy in the village used to have a lot of pain due to which his family took great care of him. Whatever the boy used to say, the family used to convey it to him. Seeing his luxuries, I also thought that why not play a drama?


One day, to execute his evil plan, he went to a forest outside the village.

As soon as he entered the forest, he sat under a tree and started throwing the stones lying in front of him here and there.






Now I was alone and there was a whole swarm of bees in front of me, nose ears eye cheeks head mean everywhere. Now I started screaming and started running. The face etc. was badly swollen. I had come to the forest to play the gin but now my own mouth was like a gin. While running, he fell into the mud, his mouth and clothes were damaged in the mud and turned black. Now I really looked like a jinn. I ran and reached the village.

Some boys were standing there. They saw my condition. They started running. Man-eaters or those who are also started running now they were ahead and I was behind. We ran and entered the houses now that the family members saw that this strange thing had happened. They also got scared, they put a quilt on me and started beating me with sticks. Pulled out and called a doctor. However, after a few days, I was fine.

Now I thought that I should do a drama. One day in the evening I was sitting on a bed in the courtyard and I started making strange sounds and started making crooked faces. Grandmother was sitting on the bed in front of me, she started imitating me. I had spoken to Garhiya, then after the correction, I said again, Abe O Garhiya! Why is he doing this when he calls his death? I do not know who I am, I am a genie of the forest. Your grandson is now in my possession. Now, out of fear, grandmother’s fake smile started ringing, and fell to the ground.

At that time, Aman Aba also came and said, Jin Baba, spare our child’s life. I said in my heart, I am thankful that real Jin was not there, otherwise Kanye Vidy Besti Di Gul COV Jin de front!! Well, I threatened them and convinced them that whatever I say, everyone has to accept my words, otherwise it is not good. They also agreed.

Now every day I was getting good food and all my needs were fulfilled on time. The family had a little doubt that what kind of jinn would eat Lez chips or order Maggi noodles or drink a Pepsi bottle but did not say anything due to fear.

Father was fed up with me that if he found a buyer, he would have sold me. One day I started making bad faces in a certain way and started making strange sounds. At the first opportunity, grandmother saw me running away, mother and father also came with folded hands.

I thought today I will perform the last drama and then repent, but somehow today I will get a cycle. I asked for a bicycle and they started lamenting their poverty. Now I jumped up and down in the house, ran here and there, ran down, and started acting faint as if he was in a lot of pain. In such a situation, Allah knows what the father thought. He said that it is a fake jinn, because when the real jinn comes into the body of a person and makes him unconscious, then after that the unconscious person dances standing on one leg, and looks at Amma secretly. killed I had never heard of this, but believe me.

Lia that father will not tell a little lie!! I also stood up and he started dancing on one leg by memorizing Jamalu’s song. But after some time, my father’s shoe came directly into my nose and the bone of my nose was broken after what happened. It cannot be described in words because two or three of my teeth were also broken.