The Professor was Lecturing on a Very Important Topic


The professor was lecturing on a very important topic, and as soon as he turned to write something on the blackboard, a student whistled. The professor turned around and asked who blew the whistle, but no one was willing to answer. You closed the pen and put it in your pocket and picked up the register and said while walking; My lecture has come to an end and that is enough for today.


Then he paused a bit, putting the register back and saying, let me tell you a story to pass the time. They said: I tried hard to sleep at night, but sleep was far away. Thinking about it, I pour petrol into the car so that some of the uniformity created at that time will end, I will be in the mood to sleep and I will avoid the trouble of filling petrol early in the morning.





Then I filled petrol and started driving here and there to spend time in the same area. After a lot of confusion, when I turned the car to return home, my eyes fell on a girl standing on the side of the road, young and beautiful, but also with a tan, she seemed to be coming back from a party. I went along and stopped the car and asked, should I drop you at your home?

She said: If you do that, it will be very kind, I can’t get a ride at this time of night. The girl sat next to me in the next seat, the conversation was very polite and elaborate, with complete mastery and mastery of every subject, as if there was a wonderful combination of knowledge and culture.

When I reached his house at the address he mentioned, he confessed that he had never seen such a learned and sophisticated person as me and that he had developed a love for me in his heart. I also told her clearly, the truth is that you are also a masterpiece, I have also fallen in love with you. At the same time, I told him that I am a professor at the university, a Ph.D. doctor, and a useful member of society. The girl asked for my telephone number, which I gave her without hesitation.

After hearing about my university, he said happily; I have a request from you. I said; Don’t beg, command.
said; One of my brothers is studying at your university, please take care of him. I said; It’s not a big deal, you name it. said; I will not tell you his name, but I will tell you a sign, you will recognize him immediately.

I said; What is the special sign, by which I will recognize him? said; He likes to whistle a lot. The professor said so much that every student in the class looked involuntarily toward the boy who blew the whistle.
Addressing the boy, the professor said, “Get up, animal, what do you think I have stolen this Ph.D. degree?”