Three Brothers Named Abdullah


It is said that there lived a man who had three sons. This person named his nineteen-eighties “Hajr”. Days passed until death took him. He called his three children and bequeathed that Hajar would inherit, Hajar would not inherit, and Hajar would inherit. With this, his soul will be captured. He himself passed away, but his parents were left wondering how to decide whether two Hajjars would inherit and the other would not. The three decided to
go to the city and explain their problem to the judge and ask him for a solution.













Tenu left for the city with his father-in-law. On the way, he saw a person who used to look for something he had lost.  On his brother-in-law’s question, he said that his camel has been lost, which he is still searching for. A Hajr asked if Teri Antony had an ear with one eye. What this man said is true. The second Hajar asked if your camel was lame in one leg, and the man quickly said, “Quite right, my camel was indeed lame in one leg.” The third Hajar asked the owner of the camel if the tail of your camel was cut, he happily said yes, my camel’s tail was also cut. Now tell me quickly, where is my uncle?

The three Hajjars answered together; Unfortunately, we have no idea about your camel, we have never
seen it. The owner of the camel was mad with anger after hearing this. It happened, he decided to drag the teenager to the judge. He was sure that he had slaughtered his camel three times and now they are talking to hide their crime.

When the camel owner told his intention to Tenu, they said that we have no objection because we ourselves are going to the judge. He explained his case to the judge. The judge said to the three that the way you have told the signs of the camel has only one conclusion that the camel is with them, it is better that you confess your crime. Thank you.

First said; Sir, we did not see camels, but we definitely saw traces of camels. The answer I told him that your camel is one-eyed, so I saw that the grass on one side of the road was well grazed, but the other side was still empty. It only means that this person’s camel will have one eye. The second Hajar said; I saw that three steps were stuck in the path, while the cheetah’s step fell on the ground, which only meant that the animal was limping.

The third Hajar said; Camels scatter their dung from their tails when walking. As the dung fell in a single line on the road we were coming from, this could mean that the camel’s tail had been cut off. Left and right are not spread. The judge immediately looked at the man and said, you can go. These logos do not have your camel and they have never seen it.

The three-year-old brother told the judge his story about the death of the person with the camel, which the judge
was very surprised to hear. He said to these three, you stay in the guest house tonight , I will think about you tomorrow and give you a solution. When the three went to the guest house, they felt that they were being watched. After a while food was brought to them which consisted of cooked sausages and bread.

The first to see the food is to say that it is made of Salan’s dog meat. Others said the bread that the woman had baked. It is from the whole day of the pregnancy. The third said that he is the son of Qadi Haram. The matter reached the judge, and he called Tennoy in his court the next day and said to him; Which one of you said the dog’s meat is cooked? First Bola said. The judge called the cook and asked him, he admitted that there was no kitchen for cooking, so he felt mischievous and killed a dog, cooked its meat, and sent it to eat.

If the judge asks you in advance how to tell if the meat is dog meat, he will tell you, goat or camel meat has fat under it, because it is all fat. The meat was cooked. The judge said you are the stone that your father Will get the inheritance. The judge addressed them again and asked, “Who said these bread are made by a woman who is nine months pregnant and full of her life?” In response, someone else said it.

The judge asked you why, and he said, “I saw the bread on one side puffy and well-cooked, and on the other side, it was raw and thick.” What I took from her is a breadmaker who is not having too much pain and can’t see anything in front of her which means she is pregnant. and feels difficulty in making bread. has been The judge told the other that you are the one who will get a share in the inheritance from his father’s Turk.

Then the judge addressed the three and asked, “Who said that I have an illegitimate child?” The third replied that he said. The judge got up and went inside and asked his mother if it is true that he is Harami, then his mother said it is true that you are Harami. The judge came back and asked the third Hajr how you know that I am Harami, and he replied; If you were Halali, you would not have watched over us in the guest house, nor would you have cooked dog meat for us to eat, nor would you have played with us by making raw bread from an oppressed woman. . The judge addressed him and said that you are the one who will not inherit from his father’s property. The third looked at the judge with surprise and asked why?


The judge said; Because one Haram can identify the other son of the Haram exactly and you are also the children of the Haram like me. Hajjar, the heir, went back to his mother and found out what was the matter with our third brother, so his mother said, “Your father, once he went to the mosque to offer the morning prayer, then he was taken away.” He found it lying on his back, and brought it home. He was also named Hajjar as you mentioned and brought him up. Yes, such are the stories of the Arabs, which also contain lessons of wisdom. The text has been translated from Arabic to Arabic.