A college girl who ate a lot of chips, find out what happened to her


A girl was very fond of eating chips, whenever she saw chips she would go crazy and buy more and more packets and start eating them, because of which her family and friends were all worried._Girl’s mother She was taken to many doctors, but none of them could cure her of this habit.


Then one day her closest friend, who was her life, swore to her friend that she should stop eating chips or else I will be angry with you. Because that girl was a very good friend of hers, she decided that I would not eat chips anymore.






A few days passed and he did not eat any chips, but one day his patience ran out and he bought ten packets of chips from the college canteen and went to the college ground, and started eating. After some time her friend also passed there, and when she saw that her friend did not care about her type, she decided to end this friendship, so now this girl who eats chips is Left alone.

Well, the period of college passed and that girl went to university. Even there he did not leave his habit. One day she was sitting in the canteen when she saw a boy come and he also bought ten packets of chips and went out.

The girl was very surprised and immediately got up and followed him to see what he was doing. What she saw was that the boy sat on a bench and opened and ate one packet in turn. , and in doing so he exhausted all the chips.

The girl was very happy because she had found a boy like her. She went to the boy and told him that I also like to eat chips and ten packets are less for me, to which the boy said I also eat chips very much.

Such a girl found a chip eater like herself and then after some time they both got married, they both still eat a lot of chips but now there is no one to stop them.