I was going on a bicycle and Jin came and sat on the back seat of the bicycle


Friends, the incident that I am sharing with you today is about when I was about 15 years old, I was very interested in ghost stories.


I used to read these stories with great interest and then I felt that there were many giants around me, and after feeling that I did not sit alone in the room and did not go anywhere alone on the roof because I was afraid. Do not let the jinn catch me.

So friends, one day I was going on my bicycle, the road I was passing was a deserted road. I was going slowly on my bicycle when suddenly I felt that someone had come and sat on the back seat of my bicycle, and all this happened suddenly which made my bicycle wobble. And I controlled the cycle very hard and then next moment I felt like the thing sitting behind my cycle disappeared and I started riding my cycle normally.





Now while riding the bicycle, my mind was thinking that somewhere behind me Jin had come and sat, due to whose weight the bicycle lost its balance. That I should go back to the same place where Jin was sitting on my bicycle and go and see the place again. So I took my bicycle and when I reached the place where the accident happened to me, I saw something that shocked me.

Guys actually there was a lot of sand in that place and when my bicycle went over the sand it would slip, and when it slipped I felt like someone was sitting on my bicycle which caused my bicycle to lose its balance. . I smiled knowing the truth. Because what I thought was gin was actually sand.

Friends, in such a life we ​​believe what we hear and then due to this belief in life we ​​fall victim to misunderstanding many times. With this story, I want to tell you that in life, believe in what you see with your own eyes. And never believe what you hear. Friends, write in the comments below how you liked the story and has this ever happened in your life?