Mercedes car for sale for only 100 rupees?

Advertised in the newspaper:- Mercedes car for sale for only 100 rupees? No one believed him. But a man saw this advertisement and went to the written address. And rang the doorbell. A middle-aged woman opened the door.
The gentleman asked: “You are selling a Mercedes car?”
Woman: “Yes!”
Sir: “Can I see the car?”
“Yes eagerly, come on!” After saying this, the woman opened the garage.
His eyes widened when he looked at the car carefully😳😳😳
Said: “This is so new?”

Answer: “Ekdam is not new. 18000 thousand kilometers have been run.”
Sir: “But its price is only 100 rupees printed in the newspaper?”
Woman: “It’s printed correctly. It’s 100. You give 100 rupees and take the car!”
Sahib took out 100 rupees with trembling hands. The lady immediately made a receipt with Rs.
In the midst of great uncertainty, the gentleman finally asked: “Sister! Now tell me what is the matter? I am dying of surprise.”
Woman: “Don’t worry! The car is definitely yours now. I’m just fulfilling my late husband’s last wish. He had written in his will that this Mercedes be sold after his death, and found All the money… should be given to his second wife…!”