Treatment of a woman who does not respect her husband’s family


Treatment of a woman who does not respect her husband’s family ___!!
One day the husband said to his wife in a calm environment: Many days have passed since I have not met my family, siblings, and their children. I am inviting them all to gather at home, so please prepare a nice meal tomorrow afternoon. The wife said in a round manner: God willing, it will be a good matter. The husband said: Then I will invite my family. The next morning the husband left for his work and returned home at 1 pm. He asked his wife: Have you prepared the food? My family will be here in an hour!











The wife said: No, I have not cooked yet because there are some unknown people in your family, so they will eat whatever is in the house. The husband said: May Allah guide you… Why didn’t you tell me yesterday that you will not prepare food, those people will arrive after an hour, then what will I do?

The wife said: Call them and apologize. What’s wrong with that? Those people are nothing but your family. The husband got angry and left the house in anger. After some time there was a knock at the door. When the wife opened the door, she was surprised to see, “her own family” siblings and their children entering the house!

The wife’s father asked: Where is your husband? She said: They have gone out some time ago. The father said to the daughter: Your husband invited us for lunch on the phone yesterday. How is it possible for him to leave the house himself after being invited?

Hearing this, his wife was struck by lightning. She began to shake hands in distress because the food in the house was not at all worthy of her own family, but certainly worthy of her husband’s family. She called her husband and asked: Why didn’t you tell me that you invited my family for lunch? The husband said: My family or your family. What does it matter?

The wife said: I am begging you to bring something ready to eat from outside, there is nothing in the house. The husband said: I am far away from home at this time and anyway, these are your family members and not strangers. Feed them only the food in the house as you wanted to feed my family.

(Treat people as you would like them to treat you)